Children's Ministry Coordinator

Mary Bettenhausen

Mary Bettenhausen assumed the role of Children’s Ministry Coordinator in December, 2017. 

She and husband Scott made the decision to move to Mountain Home when they retired in June of 2017.  It was a decision that they prayed on every single day.  Through prayer they believed that God motivated them to follow their decision.  They felt God had something big planned for them.


Mary worked in the children’s ministry at their previous place of worship.  She loves the LORD and loves learning the WORD. She was inspired by the enthusiasm of the children who spoke freely about Jesus, asking questions she sometimes could not answer.  She was encouraged to volunteer for VBS at CCMHAR and decided that she would work in the children’s ministry, at whatever capacity. 


She loves sharing God’s word with the children, as they grow in the word so does she.  She feels that children who are exposed to the Bible grow up to love God.   She is excited and prayful each day knowing she can make a difference in the lives of children.  She looks forward to inspiring the children we serve at CCMHAR.  With her experience  working with children and special needs adults and education in Therapeutic Recreation, she knows she can make a difference.


Scott and Mary share the same values and love for the LORD and the Bible.  He is patient and kind.  He supports Mary in everything she does.   He loves children yet he still knows how to interact and instruct youth in a positive manner.  With God and the support of our volunteers and the congregation, the possibilities are endless.


We are grateful for this opportunity to work in the children’s ministry, ultimately working for Christ.


   October 2018   
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