David Benedict


David and Patsy returned to Mtn. Home in 2007, having retired from ministry in California, where he served as the Media Minister for the Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton. David's experience in ministry is extensive. He has been a professor in two of our Bible colleges and has served congregations in various staff positions, including Preacher.

He is a playright, whose scripts have been published and performed, some in prestigious venues. He is, as you may conclude, a wordsmith, possessing a unique ability to express ideas in a very creative and engaging manner.

David is developing a fledgling business he calls Heritage Videos. Employing his talents in the area of video production, David records the recollections and reflections of older family members so as to preserve their heritage and wisdom for succeeding generations. The business also produces video presentations for church promotions and special occasions, such as weddings.

David bade temporary farewell to Patsy, who departed this life just a few days after they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June of 2011. He anticipates their reunion in eternity by the grace of God.