Don Truitt

Don and Judy moved to Arkansas from Illinois in September, 2006 in order to care for Don’s parents in Horseshoe Bend.

A graduate of Abilene Christian University with a B.A. in Religious Education, Don spent over 30 years as a youth minister or preacher for several congregations in Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.   Don and Judy were part of a church-planting team in Oshkosh, WI.  He also served as Director of Net Missions in York, NE, helping to locate teams that would plant new churches in the upper Midwest.  For three years, Don was Dean of Students at York College.  In 2000, he received his Master’s degree in Leadership. 

Upon moving to Arkansas, Don became a real estate appraiser, but has since retired from that and is now a substitute teacher.

Don served as an elder in York, NE before his return to full-time preaching in Illinois. Over the years, he and Judy have conducted classes, meetings, workshops, seminars, and retreats in Bible school teaching, marriage, family, and personal counseling.

Two different time periods, Don has done interim preaching for the Flippin Christian Church.  The Truitts have been members at CCMH since 2010.