Education Ministry Team
Manager: Eric Dwyer

We provide quality Bible education and resources because:


1) God's Word Is Inspired. 

2 Timothy 3:16

2) God's Word Is Inspiring.

Psalm 40:8

  3) Teachers Inspire Classes.

Luke 24:32



The team also:

       1) Recruits and trains teachers.

       2) Schedules classes and curriculum.

       3) Coordinates youth education.


Sunday & Wednesday series:

Join us as we engage the Bible as God's story and open up the Word in a whole new way!

Wednesday Night Pre-School Lessons (for use by CCMH teachers only)

Lesson 23 Jesus' Ministry Begins

Lesson 24 Jesus The Teacher

Lesson 25 Jesus And The Little Children

Lesson 26 Jesus' Sacrifice

Lesson 27 Jesus Has Risen

Lesson 28 The Holy Spirit

Lesson 29 God Uses Paul

Lesson 30 God's Servant

Lesson 31 Jesus' Return


We now offer a free Rightnow Media subscription.

Thousands of studies from popular teachers like Francis Chan and family friendly shows like Veggie Tales are on demand. There are also specific studies (youth, couples, etc) so your family can grow together in your faith.

Eric Dwyer will help set up your account (

The following links provide a lens through which our congregation views resources such as Rightnow Media.


On Wednesday evenings (6:30-7:30) the youth and young adults are walking through:


On Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 there is also a women's group led by Sarah Dwyer which is going through:


The Ministry Manager is Eric Dwyer

(pictured with his wife Sarah).


Judy Truitt coordinates our infant and toddler nursery during Sunday service, the Bible classes which immediately follow, and on Wednesday nights. Judy is on staff at ASU Mountain Home 

Pre-K & Kindergarten:

These classes are taught by Vicky Wolf who is a teacher at the local Montessori school. 

Other Volunteers:

David Benedict, Barkley & Megan Terry, Jason & Samantha Schmeski, Bruce Wolf, Gene McCoy, Hubert Pickett, Anne & Dan Mace, Brett & Ashton Schmeski, Lee & Chiaki Belicek, Sarah Dwyer, Joey & Vanessa Peglar, Cindy Turner, Courtney Pickett, Nash Anderson, and Gail Hinds.

  November 2017  
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