Unleashed for Service



       The Elders have delegated leadership roles in most ministry aspects to capable and qualified individuals. These leaders, known by the biblical designation, "deacon," and by a explanatory designation, "ministry manager," are charged with managing a team of servants or helpers who offer their resources and expertise in nine specific areas of ministry (Benevolence, Family Life, Finance, Education, Worship, Outreach, Property, Missions and Prayer). Teams have a budget within which to carry out their functions. This approach not only allows the Elders to focus on their function as spiritual leaders devoted to prayer and ministry of the Word, but it also empowers every Christian to be actively involved in the ministry by contributing talents and resources in areas of interest and expertise.

    Within this framework, ministry teams are free to do the work of ministry (within certain limitations, such as budget), authorized to make decisions and to oversee tasks. The Ministry Managers are individuals in whom the Elders have confidence that the financial and human resources God has granted to us are managed responsibly as good stewards.

    What does this mean in practical terms? It means that the Elders do not micro-manage the ministry of the congregation. Most decisions related to ministry tasks are made by ministry teams. Any decisions made by the Elders regarding ministry functions are upon recommendations from ministry teams. If you see a need that should be addressed, chances are great that it falls within the realm of one of the ministry teams. Please notify the appropriate ministry manager of the need. The ministry manager will consult with the team, which will formulate a response and address the matter. If the ministry manager deems it prudent to obtain eldership guidance, the team will present a proposal for the elders to consider. Upon approval, the ministry team proceeds with the work of ministry.

    Every Christian is encouraged - even urged - to enlist for service as part of a ministry team. This is the prescribed method by which the Elders have provided for effective ministry within this body.


   October 2018   
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